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What is a Statement of Assessment Methods?

Each topic has its own assessment requirements. All assessment requirements are included in the topic's Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM). SAMs are found in your topic's FLO site. All student questions about an assessment go to the topic coordinator.

How do I find my SAM for my topic?

Are you a topic coordinator and looking for your current SAMs? You can find this by going to your FLO topic and clicking the SAM link:


This shows any available SAM for your topic.  

If 'not available' appears in the 'Link to SAM' column this means your SAM has not been created or is currently in draft format and not yet published (see instructions below on how to access/publish your SAM).


How do I access my SAM?

SAMs can be accessed  via    Once you have logged in with your FAN and password click My resources (located on the left hand side)

From this screen, you can view your resources including Published SAMs and Draft SAMs

How do I update my SAM?

  • Login to your FAN and password
  • Click My Resources
  • Click Drafts
  • Click the title of the Statement Assessment Methods you would like to edit

  • Click on the Edit this version under Actions

  • In Editing mode, navigate through the SAM with the buttons at the bottom of each page, or by clicking the section links in the menu on the right hand side.

  • Note: It is not necessary to click Save and Continue each time you navigate between sections. Once you have made all the changes, click the Save button in the top right corner.

  • When you click Save, a window will pop up displaying the options: Submit for moderation, Save draft and Cancel.

  • Once your SAM has been moderated and approved it will then be published to your topic.

How to modify a rejected SAM?

  • Go to My resources -> Moderation queue to find rejected SAM

  • Click on ‘Show comment’ to view comment that made from moderators. 

  • Click on the SAM title to visit the summary page

  • On the SAM summary page, you can press ‘Moderation history’ to view this SAM’s editing, moderating process

I don't have any SAM listed and need some help

If you don't have a SAM appearing on either your FLO page or in FLEX please contact your local College support team listed below:

Business, Government and Law

Education, Psychology and Social Work

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Medicine and Public Health

Nursing and Health Sciences

Science and Engineering

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