Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM)

A piece of paper with a series of ticks on it.The Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) lists the assessment requirements for each topic. SAMs for each topic are found in that topic's FLO site but are edited in Flex.

    Where to find the SAM for your topic

    The SAM is located in the Assessment module in each topic:


    It shows any available SAM for your topic. If 'not available' appears in the 'Link to SAM' column, this means your SAM has either not been created or is currently in draft format and not yet published.



    Where to go for SAM's support

    Please visit the dashboard in FLEX   This contains a complete guide for all of your SAM’s questions

    Good practice guides and tip sheets

    Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to assessment-related resources are provided below. 

    Authentic assessment | Assessment principles | Completing Statement of Assessment Methods for 2022 | Developing learning outcomes | Policy implications for assessment design | Students are engaged in authentic and experiential learning |  Using gradebook | Moderation | Providing students with comprehensive assessment information and support in FLO | Constructive alignment in FLO | Negotiated assessment

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