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subtopic iconThis entry relates to the Subtopic activity.

The subtopic activity has to be added by your eLearning support team. Please contact them if you want this activity added to your topic.
The subtopic activity connects students from your topic to another FLO site, and periodically pulls grades from that site into your topic.

1. Options

The following Subtopics can be added to your topic:

  • Horizon Award
  • Library World (separate entry)
  • Academic integrity for students (i.e. the academic integrity quiz)

2. Set up

You will need to ask your eLearning support team to add the subtopic on your behalf.

Once the activity has been added, you will have a limited number of settings that you can edit:

  • add a description for the activity
  • redirect students to the subtopic by ticking the box in the Referenced topic section
  • add a Group mode or Grouping in the Common module settings section
  • restrict access (by activity completion, date, grade, group, grouping etc) in the Restrict access section
  • add completion tracking (this will first have to be enabled at topic settings level) in the Activity completion section
Timeline block: The Subtopic activity will not show to students in the Timeline block.


Because grades will feed into your topic through the activity, you will need to make some minor decisions about how the grades are used.

  • Set the weighting for the activity (by default it will have a weighting of 0).

    0 weighting in the Gradebook

  • Set a Lock Date when your topic should stop accepting grades from the activity (this is a roundabout way of setting a due date).

    We recommend setting the lock date an hour after the due date specified in the SAM, to ensure that the grades have synced one last time.

3. Administer

When students click on the subtopic activity, they will go directly to the subtopic site (students have automatic access to all subtopic sites as a student at the University). They will then be able to complete the activity. The grades will then periodically sync back with your topic.

4. Reports

You can view the logs report in FLO to see if a student has clicked on the link to the subtopic. 

view logs report

If you are grading a subtopic, you can also manually 'fetch' the grades. You might do this at the end of the topic, or after a specified timeframe (which you can set in the subtopic settings in the Restrict access tab). Click on the link for the subtopic to  view the screen below, then click the Fetch now button.

Fetch grades

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