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Using a brand on digital media enables viewers to identify the video owner, protects intellectual property of the video and provides marketing opportunity for the owner of the video.

At Flinders University, the brand is an integral component to the success of the university and any encounter with the wider community is an opportunity to build upon Flinders positive reputation. Marketing and Communications Office at Flinders University states that ‘our brand identity unites the diverse parts of our organisation, providing a common understanding of who we are and our collective aspirations, both within the University and beyond.' Their website should be considered when using the Flinders brand.

Uses in learning and teaching

To help make the process easier for video production purposes in your learning and teaching, the following branded video slides have been made available to you, in a standard size (1440x1080 pixels) and widescreen size (1920x1080 pixels) with styles for a ‘Blank’, ‘Introduction’ and ‘End’ slides in the seven Flinders University colours.

Blank blank slides
Introduction Intro slides
End end slides

What software to use and where to get it

You have the option to use a free movie editor on a Windows operating computer and new Mac (older Macs will need to purchase the software). They are Movie Maker (Windows) and iMovie (Mac).


Image picker

You can use these images in multiple ways, including being inserted into PowerPoint slides which will be converted into a video and within video editing software, like Microsoft Movie Maker and iMovie. 

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