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You can add a 'Topic search' box to your My FLO homepage, for quick and easy searching in the FLO interface.


  1. In My FLO, click on the Customise this page buttoncustomise this page
  2. In the Add a Block section bottom right, choose Add an HTML block
    add an html block

  3. Once it is added, click on the settings cog to configure the block
    configure the block

  4. Add a name to the block (something like Topic Search) and then switch to the HTML view. To switch to HTML view:
    1. Click on the first button in the top row (marked in red in the picture below)
    2. This will open a second row. Click on the final button in this row (marked in blue in the picture above).

  5. Copy and paste the following code:

    <form id="coursesearchnavbar" action="https://flo.flinders.edu.au/course/search.php" method="get">

      <fieldset class="coursesearchbox invisiblefieldset">

        <label for="navsearchbox">

          <br>Search topics:</label>

        <input id="navsearchbox" size="20" name="search" alt="Search topics" value="" type="text">

        <input value="Go" type="submit">



    type in HTML code

  6. Click Save changes

  7. For quick access, move the block to the top of the page by placing your mouse over the handle icon
    move the block

  8. You can now search for a topic quickly, by code or name
    topic search box

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