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Weekend power outages scheduled over mid-year break

Weekend power outages scheduled over mid-year break

by Flinders University -
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Power outages are planned across the Bedford Park campus throughout the mid-year teaching break in June/July. The works are part of scheduled upgrades and maintenance of our high voltage electrical system.


The first of the outages will occur on Saturday 23 June 2018, with these power outages lasting  approximately 25 minutes. The series of power outages are scheduled on weekends only to minimise any disruption to students and staff. The works will be completed on Saturday 21 July.


Many buildings have generators for back-up supply so any impact to staff and students will be minimal. There will be no impact on remote access, servers and IT as data centres are supported via UPS. Emergency lighting will also be in place.


However, charging laptops and saving work is recommended before the electricity is switched off and lifts, air conditioning and general power may be affected in some buildings.


Staff planning to work on weekends are encouraged to check the work schedule

on the Property, Facilities and Development webpage.