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FlinSafe (Health and Safety Reporting System)

FlinSafe (Health and Safety Reporting System)

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FlinSafe (Health and Safety Reporting System)

FlinSafe is the health and safety information system used to lodge incident/accident reports and hazard reports.

What is an accident/incident?

Accident - An unplanned event or incident that causes or contributes to personal injury.

Incident - An unplanned event which has the potential to cause injury, ill health to people or damage to property and the environment.

What is a hazard?

A situation or thing which has the potential to harm a person

To report an accident/incident or a hazard please click on the link below:

What happens to my accident/incident once it is reported?

The accident/incident will be investigated the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Unit, who may contact you to gather more information and determine what reasonable actions the University can take to prevent a recurrence. If relevant and you select a supervisor or topic coordinator, this person will also be involved in the investigation.  It is important to record accurate details and to be as specific as you can be, including contact details.  Please remember to add ‘Involved / Injured Persons and Witnesses’ (people involved in the incident and any witnesses as well).

For more information, including quick reference sheets, go to

For support and assistance, please contact or phone 8201 3024 (ext 13024 internally).

For ITS support, please contact 8201 2345.

Electrical Equipment

Please ensure all electrical equipment is good working condition before using it at the University.  Please do not use broken equipment and cables that are frayed / damaged.

General Work Health and Safety

If unsure about any health and safety issues before undertaking any task, working with chemicals, equipment or other items, please discuss with your lecturer or staff member.  For further information relating to Work Health and Safety, please check the University WHS web site