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A new online Flinders student experience is coming soon!

A new online Flinders student experience is coming soon!

by Flinders University -
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In the next few weeks Flinders will be introducing a more user friendly way of accessing the systems you use every day, including your email, FLO, Microsoft Office and others. The new system provides heightened security features, self-service password recovery and the ability to access many of your frequently used systems from a single dashboard – no more entering your username and password multiple times. To prepare for the new system, you will need to register your account between 31 August and 16 September.

Once the system goes live on 17 September, and upon signing on, you will have access to a range of commonly used systems on the one dashboard. We will be adding more systems to the dashboard over time. You can also personalise your dashboard by adding the systems or websites you need and use most, even if they are not Flinders University ones.

Keep an eye out around campus and in your email for more information about the new online environment over the next couple of weeks, and make sure you’re ready to activate your account before 17 September!