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FLO Notification - Phishing Email

FLO Notification - Phishing Email

by Flinders University -
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On 20 July 2015, you may have received an email titled "Apple-ID: 00000000000000, migrating program" now available. This message was NOT sent by the University, but rather a scam site and your details will not be secure.

PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. You will be giving your FAN and password to someone who may use it inappropriately. You should delete the email to avoid clicking on the link in future.

If you have already clicked on the link and provided your (FAN) and password, please reset your password immediately on the Flinders website. Go to the Flinders University website and search for Change FAN password. Ensure you also notify the FLO Student Help Desk on 8201 5378 or 1800 200 292.