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Ask Trim has a new look login page

Ask Trim has a new look login page

by Flinders University -
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A change to the University’s Ask Trim website in order to meet compliance requirements of our software supplier. As a result, there is now an extra step to a new login page and you will need to enter your FAN and password on that page.

You may have received advice like this in the past (especially via email) from people pretending to represent a bank or paypal in an attempt to steal your password details. You can be assured of the legitimacy of this change, and the safety of your details. You can access the page as usual from the Flinders website (via the Quicklinks at the bottom of every page).

Please be aware that Trim is having to work hard to keep up with all the requests for assistance coming through at this busy time of the year and you may experience delays with responses to your questions. Your patience at this busy time is appreciated.

Marlene Pitman
Director, Student Administration