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Examination dates Semester 2

Examination dates Semester 2

by Flinders University -
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We want to remind you of the examination periods for Semester 2 Centrally Administered Exams, areas follows;

  • 8 November - 22 November (Semester 2 Topics)
  • 8 December - 13 December (Semester 2 Supplementary Examinations).

Please note Supplementary exams for Semester 2 are no longer held in February of the following year, they are now held two weeks after the main period. All Supplementary Examinations will be held on campus, no examinations will be arranged off campus (unless they were held off campus during the main examinations). If you are required to sit a supplementary exam for medical, compassionate or academic reasons, the timetable is only released on the weekend before exams commence (5, 6, 7 December). You will be notified via email as soon as the timetable is available for viewing.

The Examination timetable for Semester 2 Topics is released approximately 1 month prior to exams commencing. For further information on the examinations, including what you are allowed to take into exams and forms required to apply for supplementary exams, please refer to the website.