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University Experience Survey

University Experience Survey

by Flinders University -
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Flinders University is participating in the University Experience Survey (UES) during August and September 2014. The UES is a national survey being conducted for the Australian Government Department of Education. 

The results of the survey will help universities and government to monitor and improve the student experience, and enhance teaching and learning in Australian universities. Student feedback of this kind is very important and contributes directly to the experience of current and future students.

The UES is administered by Graduate Careers Australia and the Social Research Centre, two leading research organisations. Students randomly selected to participate in the UES will receive an online survey invitation in the form of an email message sent from If you are among that random selection of students, the message will ask you to participate in the UES by clicking on a link to the questionnaire. Please be assured that this IS an official message sent on behalf of the University.

You may also see promotional messages (on the Flinders website, FLO, Facebook and Twitter) encouraging participation in the survey over the next month.

In order for our results to be truly representative of each course, we need as many students as possible to respond to the survey. You can be assured that your response will be processed with complete confidentiality.

More information about the UES, including results from the 2013 survey which was completed by more than 100,000 students nationwide, can be found at

Thank you.

(Professor) Andrew Parkin

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)