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Postgraduate Career Toolkit

Postgraduate Career Toolkit

by Flinders University -
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If you are a postgraduate student you can now access the Postgraduate Career Toolkit on FLO. The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre has developed a self-led, online resource for postgraduate students to assist you manage your career development.

The Toolkit is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Assessing and identifying your value proposition to offer the employment market
  2. Developing skills, knowledge and strategies to attract investment in your career
  3. Bringing it all together and managing your postgraduate career

Each section contains a range of booklets covering various topics, and you can self-select those areas of most relevance or interest and integrate these activities into an e- portfolio.

You simply need to self-register on the link: Toolkit

For further support and assistance with your career management, the Careers Centre can help you.