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Student services and amenities fees - ACTION REQUIRED

Student services and amenities fees - ACTION REQUIRED

by Flinders University -
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The Australian Government passed legislation in late 2011 allowing universities to introduce a compulsory student services and amenities fee.  This fee has now been charged for  2012 enrolment (where applicable).  If you have already enrolled you can view your charges now on your Fee Account.   

As a general principle, all Flinders students will be expected to pay the fee irrespective of course or course level.  In order to honour existing agreements, international students will be exempt from the student services and amenities fee in 2012.  A 50% reduction in the fee will be applied to external topics and topics delivered in remote locations.  Please refer to the Fee schedule for additional details.

The legislation specifies the range of services and amenities the fee can be used to support.  The University is currently in discussions with elected student representatives regarding the priorities for use of the fee revenue.

To assist students with meeting the cost of the fee, the Australian Government has introduced a new loan scheme, called SA-HELP.  This new scheme will allow eligible students (Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders) to defer all or part of the fee for the relevant year.

If you wish to take advantage of a SA-HELP loan, you must submit a ‘Request for SA-HELP assistance form’.  You are encouraged to submit your form now and must do so before the census date for your relevant topics.  To do this:

  • Log on to the Student Information System and select the ‘My Commonwealth assistance’ tab.
  • Choose the course and click on ‘I want to…Enter a new Commonwealth Assistance Form for the selected course’.
  • Select the SA-HELP form and click on ‘I want to…Complete the Selected Form’.
  • Enter your details carefully and select ‘I want to…submit this form’.  You will receive confirmation that your form has been approved.  If the status of your form is ‘Invalid’, call Student Finance Services for assistance

Please note:

  • For Commonwealth supported students, and students who are applying for FEE-HELP, the SA-HELP form must be completed in addition to the HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP form.
  • If you are enrolled in a combined degrees program you must submit a form for each course.

Please contact Student Finance Services if you have any questions.