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Graduate Qualities at Flinders

Graduate Qualities at Flinders

by Flinders University -
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From: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Flinders University aims to produce graduates:

who are knowledgeable
- to develop an extensive and well-founded knowledge in their field of study.

who can apply their knowledge
- to develop the ability to use their knowledge to plan, to analyse, to think critically, logically and creatively, to reflect upon and evaluate ideas, options, and potential solutions to problems, and to make and implement decisions.

who communicate effectively
- to learn to convey clearly and fluently their knowledge, understanding, reasoning and decisions.

who can work independently
- to take responsibility for, and become self-reliant in, their learning and their work.

who are collaborative
- to interact effectively and properly with others in a variety of settings.

who value ethical behaviour
- to act with integrity in all matters.

who connect across boundaries
- to engage positively with people and ideas beyond the limits of their own geographical, disciplinary, social, cultural or other boundaries, and to span the boundary between the world of study and the world of work.

Visit the Graduate Qualities website for more information.