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Graduating this year - Study the Master of Audiology in 2014

Graduating this year - Study the Master of Audiology in 2014

by Flinders University -
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Information Sessions at Flinders Open Days

  • Friday 16 August 1:00PM – 1:35PM Health Sciences Building Room 1.09
  • Saturday 17 August 2:30PM – 3:05PM Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex Room 1.01

Audiologists are involved in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders, working with people of all ages. They combine scientific knowledge and people skills in delivering client-focussed healthcare.


  • assess the hearing of infants, children and adults
  • perform complex diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the hearing problem
  • assist clients to manage difficulties associated with hearing loss and tinnitus, using technological or other approaches
  • assist clients to choose and utilise suitable devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants or assistive listening devices
  • assess and advise on difficulties with balance function
  • design individual hearing conservation programs
  • work closely with other professionals to promote the best possible health, psychosocial and educational outcomes for their clients

The Master of Audiology at Flinders University accepts candidates with a diverse range of undergraduate degrees, and provides the academic and clinical training necessary for a career in Audiology.  Successful applicants have come from backgrounds in Science, Psychology, Health Science, Medical Sciences, Education, Engineering, Arts and Commerce.

Come along to either of the Master of Audiology sessions at the Open Days to find out more about this rewarding career and how you can become part of it.