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Federal election - enrol to vote now - rolls close on Monday, August 12

Federal election - enrol to vote now - rolls close on Monday, August 12

by Flinders University -
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Dear Flinders Students,

The 2013 Federal Election is just weeks away on September 7.

There is limited time to ensure that you are enrolled to vote.

Over the coming weeks the country’s politicians will be talking policies that will shape the future of Australia. It’s vitally important that young people don’t get locked out of the conversation.

It is easy to feel cynical about politics right now. But there is a way you can change the agenda and ensure your voice is heard.

Enrol to vote now, or check your details online. Act now - the rolls close on Monday, August 12.

The National Union of Students has been stepping up activity to ensure that university students cast their vote on election day.

Over recent weeks NUS volunteers have been asking students to check the status of their enrolment to vote via, and help you to enrol if you have never voted before.

It only takes a minute. 

This push is part of the Unlock Your Vote ( aimed at unlocking the issues that matter to young people and putting them on agenda this election.

As students of Flinders University, I know you will one day be the leaders in businesses, innovating industries, creative organisations and politics. Your voice matters so make sure your vote counts on election day.


Yours sincerely,



Brodie McGee

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2013 President
Flinders University Student Association