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Good Vibes Experiment

Good Vibes Experiment

by Flinders University -
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The  Good Vibes Experiment (GVE)  is a campaign led by students at Flinders University. The campaign encourages us all to experiment with adding wellbeing-focused activities to our everyday lives. It isn’t about pretending to be happy. It’s about developing the knowledge and skills necessary to improve, sustain, repair or strengthen mental health. 

The GVE Activity Book is a fantastic resource full of unique exercises and experiments for you to try. Some of them are just for fun and to relax, while others are challenges to question your way of thinking, your habits, your priorities, etc.

You can pick up a hard copy of the GVE Activity Book anytime from the Oasis Student Wellbeing Centre or you can also order a book to be sent to your home via the website.