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Security reminder – never share your FAN password!

Security reminder – never share your FAN password!

by Flinders University -
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From time to time students are contacted or emailed by parties asking for personal details and/or FAN and password details. In some cases these parties claim to be related to the University.

BE ALERT for inappropriate or fraudulent contacts, e.g. a caller recently claimed that a student’s home internet service was interfering with University computers. This call was an attempt to inappropriately obtain money and information from the student.

WATCH for these warning signs…

  • requests for computer access or money
  • requests for specific account information, personal information or passwords
  • requests to confirm personal or account information
  • you are actively discouraged from finding out the reason or source of the call


  • send money or give personal details to people you don’t know and trust
  • provide your personal details—instead ask for their name and a contact number
  • share your password with anyone under any circumstance
  • continue with the phone call or respond to the email
  • follow links or other directions in the email

CONTACT the FLO Help Desk on 8201 5378/1800 200 292 or to report any incidents relating to Flinders University. 


Mr Ian Smith
Director, Information Technology Services