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Have You Ever Thought About Being An Entrepreneur?

Have You Ever Thought About Being An Entrepreneur?

by Flinders University -
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Maybe you have a product idea, but want to increase its chance of success. Maybe you need some help finding and evaluating opportunities. Maybe you have a plan, but want to find a plan that works. Or maybe, you want to join others to create something ground-breaking.

Venture Dorm is Adelaide's newest, practical, entrepreneurial short course being run out of Flinders Partners (the University's Commercialisation Company) designed to help students get the most out of a business or product idea, by providing you with the resources, support, networks and guidance that you need.

The Venture Dorm program places an emphasis on gaining practical experience. Along with “in the trenches” guidance from experts in innovation, Venture Dorm includes a field trip to the startup hub of Austin, Texas, for participants with the most viable business model.

  • Cost: $249 (scholarships available)
  • Date: Starting week of 4 March 2013 from 5.30pm (for 12 weeks)
  • Location: Flinders Partners, Flinders University
  • To find out more and apply, go to: