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Planned brief power outages January 2020

Planned brief power outages January 2020

by Flinders University -
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As part of our ongoing works to maintain the electrical network and ensure with relevant safety standards, we’ll be compliance testing RCD safety switches across Bedford Park campus buildings in January 2020. These works have been scheduled across January to minimise disruption as much as possible. The testing involves a brief outage of approximately 2 minutes and will affect most power/ lighting circuits but will not affect the lifts.

Please shut down all electrical equipment prior to these times. If you have specialist equipment in your area or anticipate any program clashes, please advise Craig Brown as soon as possible.

Please note these times are approximate and may be subject to change.

Monday 6 Jan from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

  • Physical Sciences Building Level 2 Labs
  • Physical Sciences Building Levels 0, 1 South Theatres 1 and 2, Biology Discovery Centre

Tuesday 7 Jan from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Physical Sciences Building Level 3 Labs

Tuesday 7 Jan 6:00pm until Midnight

Physical Sciences Remainder of Level 2, and Level 3

Wednesday 8 Jan from 4:00pm until 5:30pm

  • Animal House
  • Aquaculture Facility
  • PC2 Lab adjacent Biology
  • Greenhouses

Wednesday 8 Jan from 6:00pm until Midnight

Biology Building

Thursday 9 Jan from 6:00pm until Midnight

  • Earth Sciences
  • SILC
  • IST Building
  • Flinders Press

Thursday 9 Jan from 5:00pm until Midnight

  • Social Sciences South including Pendopo
  • Social Sciences North including Carpark 5

Wednesday 15 Jan from 8:30am until 9:30am

  • Flinders Living Non-Accommodation areas, Dining Hall, Community Centre, Laundries

Thursday 16 Jan from 9:30am until 4.30pm

  • Flinders Living All Student Accommodation areas

Sunday 12 Jan from 3:00pm until 5.30pm

  • Sports Centre
  • Sturt House
  • Boat / Sturt Grounds
  • Law / Commerce

Monday 13 Jan from 6:00pm until Midnight

  • Engineering Building
  • Education / MPC
  • Sports Pavilion

Tuesday 14 Jan 4:30pm until 5:30pm

Humanities Level 0 Retail Tenancies

Tuesday 14 Jan 6:00pm until Midnight

  • Humanities including Laneway
  • Function Centre / Oasis
  • Matthew Flinders Theatre
  • Drama Centre
  • Central Library

Wednesday 15 Jan 4:00pm until Midnight

  • Student Hub
  • Union Building

Thursday 16 Jan 4:00pm until 5:30pm

  • Palmer House
  • Early intervention Centre
  • Car Park 6

Sunday 19 Jan 6:00pm until Midnight

  • Health Sciences
  • Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex

Monday 20 Jan 5:00pm until Midnight

  • Sturt East wing
  • Sturt Gym
  • Mark Oliphant Building
  • Yunggorendi
  • Student Centre

Tuesday 21 Jan 5:00pm until Midnight

  • Sturt North, West and South wings
  • Sturt Library
  • Flinders Vision and optical
  • McHughs