Teaching online guidebook

Evaluate the topic (ongoing)

checkboxesYour teaching experiences in the topic will help determine future topic design. You/your teaching team could make notes about observations, insights and strategies via a staff-only forum or other tool, as they occur (evaluate as you go). 

How are your students going? Are they actively engaged in the topic? If you would like extra 'evidence' beyond what you are getting from forum participation, and for an overall sense of what your students are doing, or how activities/resources are being used, you could generate a FLO report

With each activity/tool, keep in mind the implications for a future topic. Key questions:

  • How effective was this engagement tool – were there any difficulties?
  • Might the activity/assessment require some adjustment? 
  • Do the tools that support activities/assessment function well or do they need more scaffolding/reconsideration? 


Which forums did students actively engage in, or not? How might they work better?


During and post topic, student responses to surveys can contribute to considerations for adaptation in the next reiteration of the topic, as well as adjustments to the current topic.

Although this survey is placed early in the topic you can use it in whatever module you want (Turn editing on, and use the Move resource icon Move resource icon to drag it to where you want). However, it is particularly useful for early analysis of the topic's functioning. The survey uses the feedback tool to find out how students are going and is intended as an active teaching quality tool.

As it is optional, you will need to promote its use using an announcement or in a forum/s. The results will tell you whether student require more support or you need to make adjustments to the topic, or that the topic is working really well just as it is! Students will appreciate any changes initiated, or just an acknowledgement of their feedback (if no adjustments are required).

The SET is an end-of-topic online survey, containing Likert and open-ended (text response) questions, which evaluates and delivers student feedback on the topic and teacher/s


The Statistics report gives a statistical (psychometric) analysis of the quiz and the questions within it. Teachers might look at this report to analyse individual questions and question behaviours in preparation for the next reiteration of the topic.