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Monitor student activity in FLO

A range of reports in FLO can tell you how often students participate in or access an activity or resource, and more.

Questions you may want to ask/answer:

  • What do you want your students to do? 
  • What are you looking for when you monitor student actions in FLO? 
  • How will you action what you see (strategies)? 

It is a good idea to check at the end of week 1 to make sure that students are active in the site. After week 1, you could either check randomly or regularly (eg weeks 2, 4, 6 / 3, 6, 9). If students are not active by week 3, you are advised to contact them. What you find out might be worth recording in the weekly teaching notes for ongoing evaluation of the topic.

Report overview
ALL LOGS: Graphic display of a particular student's participation pattern 

This report displays a graph of the students' activity since the topic start date. The report records all 'touches' for a particular day. The actual items are listed below the graph.

  • Great for getting a quick visual indication of how often a student is visiting the FLO site, and how active they are overall (ie how many touches are recorded on the system)

How to: Go to Topic Links block / Participants / (name of participant) / Reports section: All logs. 

OUTLINE REPORT: Overview of a particular student's actions 

This report tells a quick story on what a student has 'touched' within the topic. All items are sequenced as per the FLO site. 

  • Great for quantitatively assessing a student's progress, in terms of what they have touched. For instance, have they looked at all the resources provided? 
  • If you run this report at different times, you will get a different 'story' about the student (bluntly told). For instance, are they looking at things ahead of time? 

How to: Go to Topic Links block / Participants / (name of participant) / Reports section: Outline Report.Scroll down to see what items the student has accessed and when. 

COMPLETE REPORT: Particular student's work all in one place 

This report lets you see the contents of a student's contribution for all items in the FLO site (eg their forum posts for a particular week). The report is organised as per the overview report (above) but with the actual items included

  • Great for qualitatively assessing a student's progress, especially if marking a student's work formatively

How to: Go to Topic Links block / Participants / (name of participant) / Reports section: Complete Report. Scroll down to see what items the student has accessed and when, plus their actual work displayed inline. 

ACTIVITY COMPLETION: Progress by cohort 

If activity completions are used in the topic, this report will give you an overview of all items in the site that have had completion applied – both manual completions (unbroken line boxes) and conditional completions (dotted line boxes). These are displayed in the order that they occur in the FLO site or the date the item is due (if this option is selected). The student list will be cross-referenced against the boxes with manual ticks and conditional ticks displayed. 

  • Great for getting an overview of the cohort's progress overall
  • Especially useful for checking that students have completed conditional actions by the expected due date 
However, the manual completions may not have been ticked by the student – it is up to them to use this self-management strategy. Use one of the other reports if you want to see a more reliable report of their 'touches' in the site. 

How to: Go to Administration / Reports / Activity completion. Scroll across to see all items. 

(ACTIVITY) LOGS: Activity in a particular item (activity or resource) 

This report gives you the details of actions for a particular item in FLO. 

  • Great for getting an idea of how an item has been used. For instance, how many have clicked on that video? Are people viewing the forum and then coming back and posting into it later? 

How to: 

  • Go to Administration / Reports / Topic participation. Choose item from the drop-down menu to view actions for that item. You can filter by date or action, etc. Great if you are running multiple reports.


  • Go to the actual item in FLO / with editing on, click on the settings icon (cog wheel) / Administration / Logs. Great if you are just checking one item. 

How to