Teaching online guidebook

External tools (if applicable)

Integrated with FLO

FLO has some external tools that are not in FLO (Moodle) but integrate with FLO, for example:

  • Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM)
  • eReadings List
  • Cengage Learning
  • Collaborate. 
  • Studiosity
  • eReadings (Leganto)
  • Assignment Extension
  • Past Exam Papers

You can access these using the External tool option (Add an activity or resource).

Not integrated with FLO

Some assessments may require students to use external tools (ie tools outside of FLO, available via the internet). An example is Padlet, a web-based communications wall. Assessments using external tools are usually 'low-stakes', as students are not 'in the system'. When students use an external tool, they may not be easily identifiable. Ask them to use their FLO name somewhere in the tool so you can view their activity.

In these cases, a new assessment item can be added manually to the Gradebook (eg Padlet wall introduction), and you will be able to mark the student by viewing their contribution for assessment in the tool and putting the mark (or non-graded pass) directly into the Gradebook:

  • To access the Gradebook, go to Administration > Gradebook setup
  • To put the mark into Gradebook, in the View tab click in the column for the assessment item next to the student's name

How to

See Gradebook – main entry for all information about this tool (how-tos).