Teaching online guidebook

Assignments (via the dropbox)

Look for the Assignment dropbox icon assignment dropbox icon and the link to the assignment (assessment) in the relevant week.

These types of assessment may include an essay, report, business case or any other type of assessment that requires students to submit a file (eg Word, PDF) via the Assignment dropbox.

Support the assessment task/s 

You could post an announcement or post to the general discussion forum (which may sit in a Communications area) to provide tips about preparing for:

  • assessments via the Assignment dropbox (link in the relevant week):
    • encourage them to discuss their ideas and share their strategies in the forums
    • ask them how they are going with assessment preparation in the chat room
    • refer then to support resources (particularly helpful to students during the submission phase):
      • the FLO Student Helpdesk should they have any problems (contact details and opening hours). This may affect when they submit their assignments – for immediate help, they must phone or email the Helpdesk during opening hours
      • the Support materials for students FLO site (particularly Assignments), linked in the Help and support pull-down menu in the grey toolbar in FLO. This site has videos and text documents that explain how to use FLO. As a teacher, it is worth knowing what is in this site so you can field student questions. However, you can also refer them to the Student Helpdesk. 

Manage assignment submissions

If students are submitting to Turnitin (text matching software)

This is a separate tool to the Assignment tool, so students will need to submit a draft to Turnitin (there will be a link for them to do this) and then the final version to the Assignment dropbox.

If students request an extension

The Assignment extension tool will be available in the topic (but may be hidden – you will need to unhide it to use it), for students to apply for an extension electronically. If your role allows (depending on how the tool has been set up), you will receive an email if a student has requested an extension. You can then go into the tool to manage the extension request, and the student will receive an email notification re whether the extension has been granted, and the new closing date for assignment submission (if applicable). FLO will automatically change the due date for the assignment for that student, so they can still submit via the Assignment dropbox.

The topic coordinator will advise you on the process for assignment extensions.

Mark assignments

Depending on how the assignment is set up by the topic coordinator and the requirements for student submission, you may mark in Word or PDF, or in an online marking guide, rubric or checklist within FLO. Most likely though, you will mark in Word or PDF.

  • If annotating (marking) in Word/PDF offline, you are most likely to either:
    • Mark students one by one, requiring you to download each submission, mark it and then upload it into the student grading screen (if small number of students)
    • Download all student submissions, mark offline, then upload to return to all students (if large number of students)
  • You could also annotate (mark) student assignments online (in FLO) in Word/PDF.

For the process of marking and managing assignments, see Assignment – main entry. The topic coordinator will provide guidance on marking methods you could use for assessment items.

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