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Discussion forums

The General discussion forum icon forum icon  is in module 0. If you set up other discussion forums for specific subjects in modules/weeks, you can click on them quickly from the Activities block.

In the topic there may be overall assessment of weekly forums (eg a Non-Graded Pass), or a one-off forum assessment. Criteria for marking may include posts, posts and responses, or documents/other materials posted to the forum. Think about the purpose of your forum/s prior to set up.

Some options

If you want to assess forum participation, you could:

  • set up a forum with ratings which automatically creates a grade item for the forum in the Gradebook
  • add a forum as a manual grade item to the Gradebook and enter the grades directly for that item
  • set a forum to Q&A forum type, which means students post before they can see others' posts. You could use this type of forum to get students to 'mark' their own contribution (formative assessment)
  • set up a forum for group work, either for formative or summative assessment (this could be a working space for students to develop a product)

How to