Teaching online guidebook

Assess and give feedback online

scaffoldAssessment is a key focus for students and therefore for activities and teaching in the topic. Refer to the sub-chapters for the assessment tool that supports these assessment types.

Support assessment activity
  • Students will benefit from you sharing tips for effective study habits and encouraging them to share theirs (eg time management, chunking tasks). Whilst there is nothing like personal experience, you may want to refer students to the relevant study and writing guides provided by the Student Learning Support Service, or encourage them to share resources they find useful
  • Be aware that some students may not be able to access external links depending on their location, so this will need to be factored into resources provided (eg provide alternatives)
  • Use announcements, forums and other communication tools to support (scaffold) student preparation of assignments and other assessment tasks

Mark assessment items

How you mark the assessment will depend on the assessment type (post/s in a forum, quiz answers, assignment tool, other). Some assessment tools in FLO have the ability to setup a rubric or marking guide.