Teaching online guidebook

Facilitate a live chat session

Chat sessions are a great way to actively teach and encourage social presence. Chats are synchronous, meaning that students and teachers post messages in real time. Past chat sessions are also saved. If a student can't attend a live chat, they can review the chat at a later time.

When you have chosen a suitable chat time, post it as an announcement so students will be alerted by email, and set the chat session schedule. 

To access, look for the chat icon chat icon and the link to the chat room 

Facilitating live chat

Duration: 1 hour (for example)

Use the chat space to communicate synchronously with students at a designated time. You can use this time to explore the content deeply, identify student issues/misunderstandings, and any other concerns.

You can also think of a chat room as an online office that has its door open at certain times. 

You might also identify some teachable moments which you could follow up by creating or providing a link to a resource (eg external), as well as through the usual communications channels (forums/announcements).

If something is raised that cannot be addressed in real time, or is not suitable for a shared communication space,it can be addressed later, perhaps through:

  • the current/following week's forum 
  • an announcement (teacher to all students)
  • private communication with the student/s who raised the issue (either through messaging or email)

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