Teaching online guidebook

Collaborate virtual classroom

Collaborate is a live (synchronous) collaborative space that provides the ability to chat, screen share, share audio and video, poll students, collaborate using a virtual whiteboard or group participants into small 'break-out' spaces. Collaborate is part of the FLO ecosystem.

To access, look for the Collaborate iconCollaborate iconand link to the the Collaborate online space. In the FLO starter site Collaborate is in the top module.


When planning your session/s, consider the interaction you expect of your students. The more complex the interactions, the more likely you'll need to support your students to complete the task with clear instructions.

Tips for success
  • Offer an informal Collaborate session first to ensure your students are familiar with the technology and are able to test their microphone and webcam (if required).
  • Record the session for students unable to attend, or offer multiple sessions to allow flexibility for online students.
  • Encourage students to access the Course Room at any time to communicate with others in the topic and experience social learning. 
  • Moderate the session yourself, or give students the role of Moderator (useful if they are presenting to participants).
  • In some circumstances (eg large sessions, break-out rooms), it may be best to have multiple Moderators present to facilitate the online session. Multiple Moderators allow a presenter to concentrate on presenting while they monitor the chat, provide basic technical support to students etc.

How to