Teaching online guidebook

Make announcements

Announcements are a way of generating social presence in the FLO topic.

Look for the discussion forum icon forum icon and the link to the forum.

  • This forum is one-way communication only – teacher to students (students can't see the 'Add new topic' button). Any posts you make will appear in the Latest announcements block in the RH side of the topic screen. 
  • Announcements are handy for all important information (eg live chat times/changes, assessment reminders). Remind students to check their emails regularly: a copy of the announcement (and a link to any attachments) will be sent to their Flinders email account. 

It will depend on your role in the topic as to what announcements you make (eg the topic coordinator will probably make announcements about grades being available).

Find out more about Announcements.

See Manage a discussion forum for two-way forums (teacher-student, student-teacher, student-student).

What you could say

You could post an announcement at the beginning of each week. If you do this consistently, students will come to expect it. You could follow this format:

  • 1st announcement for the topic – the week students have access (prior to week 1)
  • Announcement every week (week 1 on) at the beginning of the week (ie early Monday)

Try to keep your announcements succinct/to the point (they are a resource for students), but at the same time help them get to know you by being personal and friendly.

1st announcement 

One week prior to topic commencement:

  • Welcome students to the topic, encourage them to explore the site (videos, key features)
  • Refer students to the topic information resources 
  • Promote social learning and encourage them to engage with you and other students – remind them of the tools available for this
  • Provide (learning) tips on how to be successful in the topic 
  • Whatever else…

Weekly announcements
  • Prompt students to access eReadings, start tasks, or review material
  • Remind students to track their time (time on task).
  • Encourage communication with you and other students.
  • Whatever else…

How to