Teaching online guidebook

Communicate with students

communicateCommunicating is a key aspect of social learning and social presence in the online environment, so make sure you are active in the tools that enable interaction between students and teachers.

When teaching online you need to clearly set out expectations in terms of communication and activity online – what you expect of your students, what they can expect of you (eg I will respond to questions on the discussion forum once a day) .

Another aspect of communication (and active teaching) is monitoring student activity in the topic. If a student is not engaging with the activities/resources, contact them to find out why. Your best approach is probably to email them, or send them a message in FLO (but if they are not logging into FLO this will not be effective). Your prompt and personal response will be appreciated by the student. At the same time, you may find out information that is useful for evaluating the topic.

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