Teaching online guidebook

Online teaching team tools

A number of tools enable teaching teams to have conversations, share ideas, problem solve, make decisions … whatever is required to facilitate the learning and teaching experience. FLO tools use for this purpose should be set up as staff only (hidden from students).

FLO page

You may want to add teaching notes and/or a tutor guide to the topic in a FLO page (hidden from students) so teachers/tutors can administer activities/teach into the topic. Teachers/tutors could:

  • keep on track with processes and teaching approaches (especially useful if a large teaching team)
  • check these notes at the beginning of each week (or earlier) and use them as a support resource for teaching in the topic (especially useful if teachers are new to the topic) - you could have a page in each module for notes pertaining to that module.
  • tailor these notes according to 'just in time' and other online events/cues (depending on their role in FLO – tutors cannot edit a page)

Your active teaching notes will make them a rich resource for sharing with present and future teaching staff in the topic. 

FLO forum
To get feedback from teachers/tutors in the topic, set up a staff-only forum (hidden from students) to post observations and enable topic adjustment (now or in the future), in an evaluate the topic as you go approach. For example, teachers/tutors might:

  • notice a particular problem with content that keeps recurring and may require scaffolding in future topic development 
  • notice a content gap
  • clarify a teaching point or assessment instruction
  • think of a useful tip for teaching that module
  • think of a useful activity that scaffolds or extends the scope for that module.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is part of Office 365 and available to all staff. Note that Teams is not currently part of the learning technology ecosystem and therefore support for Teams is available via Information and Digital Services (IDS) rather than your College eLearning team. This tool brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files (eg teaching notes, resources) etc. You can download Teams on all your devices. You could create a channel for your teaching team, and have informal ('just in time') chats as well as formal meetings. More about Microsoft Teams at Flinders University.