Teaching online guidebook

About this guidebook

If you decide to use this book to your topic create a hyperlink to it (URL) and hide it – this means that students won't be able to see it but users with a Teacher or Tutor role will. 

Image courtesy of Robert S Donovan https://www.flickr.com/people/booleansplit/Use this FLO book as your main reference point for teaching online. Revisit it to refresh your memory about your role as an online teacher.

Where relevant, a 'How to' section links you to technical instructions for the activity/tool you and your students will be using.

About the weekly teaching notes

All weeks in the topic have hidden 'teaching notes' at the bottom of the module/week. These notes (a FLO page) are hidden from students but viewable to teaching staff.

It is a good idea to check these notes at the beginning of each week or earlier. They are prompts only – you will tailor your teaching in the topic according to 'just in time' and other online events/cues.

The weekly notes are deliberately brief to encourage you to add to them while you are teaching, specific to the content and your/students' experiences in the topic right now. For example, you might:

  • evaluate the topic as you go (eg observations, insights, what worked, what didn't)
  • notice a particular problem with content that keeps recurring and may require scaffolding in future topic development 
  • notice a content gap
  • think of a useful tip for teaching in that week
  • think of a useful activity that scaffolds or extends the scope for that week.

Your active teaching applied to/recorded in the notes will make them a rich resource for sharing with present and future teaching staff in this online topic.