Teaching online guidebook

About this guidebook

If you decide to use this book in your topic create a hyperlink to it (URL) and hide it – this means that students won't be able to see it but users with a Teacher or Tutor role will. 

Image courtesy of Robert S Donovan https://www.flickr.com/people/booleansplit/Use this FLO book as your main reference point for teaching online. Revisit it to refresh your memory about your role as an online teacher.

Where relevant, a 'How to' section links you to technical instructions for the activity/tool you and your students will be using.

Learning and teaching principles

Flinders University Learning and teaching principles underpin curriculum design and inform the Educational Quality Framework. They are Annex A of the framework (scroll up to see information about the framework's purpose, the policy statement, quality in curriculum design and teaching, and measurement and evaluation). This guidebook supports the practice of these principles.