FLO style guide for authors

Site structure, headings and text, labels, files, hyperlinks, images, tables, videos, referencing – good practice guidelines for all FLO sites

Consistency – style sheets

You may find it handy to use a style sheet for your FLO site/s. A FLO site is a bit like a large document in that it will have many sections (modules, pages, books, files etc) that use and reuse the same terminology and other text/layout options.

Style sheets make it easy to maintain consistency, as you cannot be expected to remember every detail of your site/s (especially if you don't revisit them for a semester/year).

A style sheet is simply a document you use to record terms and other text elements that you want to remember, so you can use it for quick reference. Students/other users will appreciate the professionalism of your site/s and you will be modelling a great example for professionalism in communication media!