FLO style guide for authors

Site structure, headings and text, labels, files, hyperlinks, images, tables, videos, referencing – good practice guidelines for all FLO sites


As well as text, images, tables and other sense-making features, the content of your FLO site may include labels, files, hyperlinks (URLs) and videos (resources), and activities (assignments, quizzes etc). 

This section looks at set-up and styling for these features, focusing on making usable and consistent content.

HTML toolbar

You are advised to use the HTML (text editor) toolbar to format text content, add images etc:

html text editor

It will save you time and make your site look consistent and professional. This toolbar is available in:

  • books (resource in FLO) 
  • pages (resource in FLO)
  • labels (resource in FLO) 
  • activities (Description field in any activity)