FLO style guide for authors

Site structure, headings and text, labels, files, hyperlinks, images, tables, videos, referencing – good practice guidelines for all FLO sites


Images can add value to your FLO site if they are:

  • meaningful (eg a chart, flow diagram)
  • contextual (eg image relates to content in the module where it is included)
  • consistent in style (eg cartoon-like, real-life, graphic representations, square edges)
  • consistent in size (eg 300 pixels width) and suitable for online (72 dpi1
  • consistent in location and layout (eg right-aligned, white space around the image)

Be careful about navigation/usability – if your images are too wide, users may need to scroll across the screen (horizontally). To avoid this, make sure images are no wider than 800 px2 width.



1. dpi = dots per inch (see Wikipedia for further explanation)
2. px = pixels (see Wikipedia for further explanation)