FLO style guide for authors

Site structure, headings and text, labels, files, hyperlinks, images, tables, videos, referencing – good practice guidelines for all FLO sites


Resource > LabelA label (Add an activity or resource > Label) is most useful as a heading in a week/module to help the student navigate the site (eg draw attention to activities). You can also add text, links, images, videos etc under, or as part of, a label. Labels can be moved around (eg to another module) and duplicated.

Pages, URLs, forums and other FLO activities/resources have their own Description option which can be displayed on the topic homepage if you choose, so they don't necessarily require a separate label.

  • If working in a section (week/module) and your label requires a heading, start with a heading (large) or heading (medium), as this heading fits best (appearance-wise) under the week/module heading (depending on how you structure your site).
  • If you have a subheading under a heading (large) label, it will most logically be a heading (medium); if a heading (medium) label, the subheading will most logically be a heading (small). See also Headings and text.

When creating an activity or resource, if you provide a Description (this may be a required field), this will move with the activity/resource should you then decide to place it in another module. If you provide a label for an activity/resource, you will have to move it separately when you move the activity/resource.