FLO style guide for authors

Site structure, headings and text, labels, files, hyperlinks, images, tables, videos, referencing – good practice guidelines for all FLO sites

Styling checklist

When styling for online, consistency and purpose are the key. What do you want to achieve?  

Use the following good practice list to check your FLO site. It is also a contents page – links go to specific chapters; chapter sections are indicated in bold italics (if relevant). However, not all information in chapters is listed here so they are still worth a visit even if you can tick the box!

Site structure

☐  Are headings/summaries for weeks/modules informative and meaningful? (Week/module name and Week/module summary

Headings and text 

☐  Is there a context for your topic site (eg in Module 0)? (Tone)

☐  Do you use an informal friendly writing style and address the user as 'you'? (Tone)

☐  Are headings and text left aligned, and do they use HTML editor styles? (Headings and text)

☐  Are headings hierarchical and do they use HTML editor styles? (Heading formatting)

☐  Are alerts and wells used to highlight important events etc? (Alerts and wells)

☐  Is text consistent in spelling, capitalisation etc? (Consistency – style sheets)


☐  Do these visually and meaningfully fit under other headings in the module?


☐  Are files (mostly or all) in PDF format?

☐  Is copyright assured? (Copyright)

☐  Do files have meaningful names and descriptions? (Name and Description)


☐  Do external hyperlinks open in a new window? (Links to external sites)


☐  Are these consistently placed (to the right is a good rule) and sized?

☐  Are stop signs and other attention-getting symbols used sparingly? (Headings and text > Alerts and wells)


☐  Are these used for data, not layout?

☐  Are they readable on screen (if complex)? (Resources)


☐  Are videos linked/embedded in a page so they take up less space in the topic? (Video placement and size)

☐  Are videos large enough that content is readable or able to be made full screen? (Video placement and size)

Referencing and quoting

☐  Is referencing consistent and correct? (Referencing)

☐  Are quotes consistently styled and easily readable? (Quoting)