Making MOOCs

What does it take to make a MOOC? Explore the Grow-your-own MOOC kit here

Grow-your-own MOOC kit


Key questions:  How will you promote the course to attract participants? 

Informal and social media methods are the most accessible ways to promote your MOOC, but if you are aiming for a cohort as large as possible, expanding to more formal promotional activity may be beneficial.


Informal promotions

Word of mouth, personal & professional conversations,  colleagues in other geographical areas


Use of social media

Promoting in existing online communities in related subject areas, asking influential individuals to share through social networks, use of hashtags, keywords.


Promotions via platform host

Many open MOOC platforms have a site directory, and there are independent lists of MOOCs, many of which are free to list with.


Industry and public marketing

Industry and government intranets and mailing lists, newsletters, community publications and noticeboards - these are often free.


Formal marketing support

Newspapers, radio, formal support from marketing team, use of paid online promotional tools, advertisements.