Making MOOCs

What does it take to make a MOOC? Explore the Grow-your-own MOOC kit here

Grow-your-own MOOC kit

Development resources and roles

Key questions:  What resources are already available to you? Who will be valuable in supporting your open course?  What role will they play in development? Do you need external resources? How much will it all cost?

Building a team for your MOOC can be a critical factor in keeping timelines achievable. Use existing support in formal and informal ways, and be clear about the scope of involvement. 

Even if you design your MOOC to be self-directed and facilitation-free, there will still be administration and support tasks that require ongoing involvement to maintain the energy and functionality of your online space. Consider who needs to be involved in an ongoing way to sustain the site. 


Department support

If your project aligns with departmental priorities there may be funding or in-kind support available. Include supervisors, managers, directors in your support framework.


Learning design and teaching support teams

Learning, or educational design advice on structuring online learning activities, exploring pedagogies and approaches,  web tools, research and evaluation.


Technical support

Support for setting up website, social media accounts, , videos, embedding media, backing up, troubleshooting participant problems and also as a ‘site admin’.


In-kind library assistance

Subject liaison librarians can support finding of sharable open access resources, including open access journals and copyright advice.


Subject experts

2 or 3 academic subject experts, which could include external industry experts who are comfortable or experienced with the implications of teaching in an open space. Guest lecturers.


Grant funding

A research proposal and/or grant funding wrapped around MOOC development  may be an effective way to justify and resource academic and professional staff time.


Project approach

Provides the structure to pull in resources as needed, establishes a cohesive group energy in moving forward, opportunity to formalise and recognise all contributors.