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4. Submit your video using file upload

Before you start planning and filming your video, it’s really important to find out what the submission method is for your assignment, because this might impact how you record and edit your video.  

There are two possible ways your topic teaching team may have configured the assignment: upload and embed via My Media, or direct file upload.  

Submission method
 What the submission section looks like
What you need to know
File submission directly to the assignment 

Video submission by file upload

Is your video very large or the wrong file type for submission?  Use these compression/conversion instructions for Mac and PC.

This method uses the standard file submission tool in FLO. 

Accepted file types are generally limited to .mp4, .flv, .mov, .avi 

There is likely to be a file size limit on your upload. Check your assignment details, but generally the limit will be between 50 – 200 mb. This means you need to produce quite a low-resolution video, so: 

  • If you’re filming footage on your phone or tablet, don’t film in super high definition – you'll struggle to keep the file size manageable 

  • If you edit your footage in a video editing software, when you export it, configure your settings to minimise the file size  

  • If your video is still larger than the file size limit, you might need to compress it before submitting 

File submission method

To submit a video file directly into your assignment, just follow our regular Assignment Submission instructions.  There are a couple of things to watch out for when submitting a video file, including file size limits and file types, so use our checklist to ensure you submit your video assignments successfully in FLO.