More on video assignments

5. How to compress or convert a video file. Instructions for Windows PC

If your video assignment won’t upload to FLO, you can download a copy of Handbrake ( to compress and covert you video into a smaller MP4 video file. Handbrake is free to use.

Once you have the software installed on your computer follow these instructions to convert/compress your file:

PC handbreak instructions

1. Open Handbrake and click on the Source button. A new window will open - click on the File button and find your video file. Select the video and click Open.

2. Next you need to set where the finished video will be saved. Click on the Browse button, choose a location and a file name, then press the Save button.

3. Under Output Settings: - change the Container to MP4 - click the Web Optimized box

4. Change the Anamorphic setting to None

5. If you shot your video in high definition, tick the Keep Aspect Ratio box and reduce the Height to 720. This number is the video’s resolution and you can make this lower if the you need to make the file size even smaller.

6. Click Start. Handbrake will process your video (if your video is long, this may take a
little while). When it is done, you can upload the new video to FLO.