More on video assignments

1. Editing video in My Media

Once you've uploaded a video to My Media, whether you created it via the Desktop Recorder or recorded it on another device like a phone, there's some use some basic editing tools you can use to trim and cut out sections of the video before you submit it to your assignment. 

You can use it to do things like:

  • trim the start and end of the video: useful to edit out the bits where you started and ended the video recording.
  • split the video into multiple clips, each of which you can then trim & edit: useful for editing out bloopers in the middle of your recording
  • add fade in & fade out to the start and end of clips:  to create smooth transitions between different sections or where you've chopped out bits of the recording

How to edit

  1. In My Media, find the video you uploaded and click it's title to to open it.
  2. Under the video, click the Actions drop-down menu then Launch Editor. 
  3. You'll see this interface, where you can edit the video as needed. 
    • The top right section is the video player, where you can watch the video and preview any changes you make as you edit.
    • The bottom section is the video editing track. Here you can click and drag the timeline marker to the right spot in the video, and use things like the split tool (scissors icon), set in tool (brackets icons), delete tool (bin icon) and fade in/out tools to make the edits you need. 

Video Editor interface

For tips on using the Video Editor tools, you might like to watch this video: 

4. When you've finished editing,  click Save, then OK on the final prompt. 

Save button highlighted

5. Once you've edited and saved your changes, you can submit the video to your assignment by embedding the link in the online text submission box. Refer to the submission instructions and videos on the main video assignments page