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Keeping track - upcoming due dates in FLO

Due dates for specific activities in FLO can be found by clicking into the activity (such as an assignment or quiz), where you will be able to see the due date.  The below tools can help you keep track of your deadlines in FLO.

The FLO TimelineExample timeline showing upcoming assessment due dates

The FLO timeline 
on your My FLO homepage can give you an indication of upcoming due dates of the most common FLO activities for the topics that you are enrolled in. 

The dates that you are likely to see listed in your timeline are due dates for activities including Assignments, Quiz, Feedback and Forums.  

The timeline can be sorted by dates or topics and can be filtered to display dates from the next 7 days up to six 6 months ahead.  

Depending on how your Topic Coordinator uses dates for activities in their FLO site, your timeline may also display opening, closing or expected completion date of some items too. 

The FLO timeline is a handy snapshot, but not a complete list of all the important dates related to your topic. It is still important to check your Topic Information, SAMs and any groupwork commitments to understand the dates and deadlines your topics. 

The FLO Calendar 

The Calendar is another great tool for keeping on top of dates in your topic. The FLO navigation menu with the Calendar option highlighted.
You can choose to view events for all your topics, or you can filter the Calendar so it will only display events for a specific chosen topic.  If you would like to, you can add your own additional private events to the calendar for your topic.

The Calendar can be accessed from the Navigation Menu on the left hand side of your FLO page.  If you would like to access your Calendar outside of FLO, you can export it to another calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

The 'Upcoming events' block Click 'topic blocks' to view the 'upcoming events' block in your topic,

The upcoming events block is a useful companion to the calendar, and will show events for the next month from your topic's calendar.  It’s different to the timeline block as it shows any upcoming events in the topic calendar, whereas the timeline block only shows deadlines.

The Upcoming Events block is accessed from the 'Topic Blocks' section within your topic.  If your topic doesn't have the Upcoming Events block, you might like to ask your Topic Coordinator if they would like to add it.