FLO Student Support

Time zones in FLO

If you are studying online from a different time zone, your Topic Coordinator can provide the best guidance for your success in your topic. There are also things that you can do in FLO that can help you manage your study. 

How is time displayed in FLO? 

FLO reflects the current local time in Adelaide, South Australia.  This is automatically determined by the server that FLO is hosted on.  This time is called server time.  Server time automatically adjusts for Adelaide daylight savings time.   


Why does time matter in FLO? 

Some activities in FLO may ask you to access or submit resources at specific times.  

Examples of these activities are: 

  • Submitting assignments by due dates and times 
  • Submitting draft submissions and reports (e.g.  Turnitin)  
  • Applying for assignment extensions 
  • Participating in synchronous online activities (e.g. Live lecture streaming, Collaborate) 
  • Accessing time-based releases of content and digital resources 
  • Engaging with online activities with specific dates/times for participation 
  • Completing quizzes that have time and date limits 
  • Participating in online scheduled assessment activities 
  • Synchronous collaboration for group work activities 
  • Presentations or consultations with tutors or topic coordinators 
  • Experiencing downtime of FLO or related tools and accessing FLO help and support 

Changing your FLO user profile time zone setting 

light bulbWe recommend that you set your FLO profile time and local computer time to the same local time zone whenever possible.

You can set your own local time zone within FLO.  This will automatically display dates/times in most FLO activities that use dates/times.  This can be helpful if you need to be online at particular times for synchronous online sessions. 

Changing your FLO user profile time zone will affect all your FLO topic sites because the time zone setting is part of your FLO user profile settings.

To change your time zone in FLO 

  1. Look for your name in the top right hand corner of your FLO, and click on the down arrow to open the menu.  Select profile.
  2. In the user details section, click edit profile
  3. Scroll down to the timezone setting and use the drop-down menu to select your local timezone.
  4. Click update profile to save changes.

Some dates and times in FLO are not automatically updated with your FLO user profile time zone  

Not all activities and FLO tools will have dates automatically updated according to your time zone.  These include,

  • Collaborate sessions (set to the timezones on your device)
  • Lecture recordings (set to Adelaide time)
  • Assignment extension requests (set to Adelaide time)

Note: Your FLO profile time-zone will not automatically update when you travel to a new time zone.  If you travel to a new time zone, please make sure you update your FLO profile time zone.

FLO clock block 

Your FLO topic site may have a block on the right that displays a clock.  

image of a clock block

'Server time' is the current local time in Adelaide, South Australia (please see above for more information about Server Time).  'You' time reflects the timezone settings of your computer or device.  Please note that some browser security software may prevent the clock block from displaying accurately.