FLO Student Support

Your exam/quiz/test may be conducted online in FLO during the designated exam weeks. An exam/quiz/test may be in the form of a quiz, an essay response or another online method. 


Before you take an online exam/quiz/test, there's some important preparation you can do: 

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam/quiz/test rules and information provided by your Topic Co-ordinator in the lead up to the exam/quiz/test. These will give detailed information about the exam/quiz/test conditions, such as how long you will have to complete the exam/quiz/test, or what reference materials are permitted (if any).

  • Charge your device fully ahead of your exam/quiz/test

  • Recommended browsers to use with FLO are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  • Download a second browser onto your device (e.g. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox), in case you encounter technical issues and need to switch to a different browser during your exam/quiz/test

  • Start your computer or laptop up well ahead of your exam to check for any updates that may interfere with your exam/quiz/test

  • Check for any scheduled or planned network or power outages in your local area from your internet service provider's website or your electricity supplier's website ahead of your exam/quiz/test start time

  • Learn how to use your smartphone as a wifi hotspot in case your internet connection drops out on your computer

  • If you require access to the Library’s electronic books for an open book exam/quiz/test, please be aware that some eBooks have simultaneous user limits and may not be available during your exam/quiz/test. Ensure that you are familiar with how to access the eBook and download chapters that you may need ahead of your exam/quiz/test. For tips on how to access and use common eBooks (ProQuest and EBSCO) click here.

If your exam/quiz/test is structured as an online quizquiz icon, you can find information about navigating and completing quizzes here.
If your exam/quiz/test is structured as an online assignmentassignment icon, you can find information about submitting your assignment file here.

In order to access your online exam/quiz/test, you must first agree to the Academic Integrity Declaration located directly above your exam/quiz/test. Access to your exam/quiz/test is restricted until you successfully complete the Declaration.

Click into the Academic Integrity Declaration and agree to the statements by selecting yes.
Click Finish attempt then select Submit all and finish on the next page.

Return to your topic page and you should now be able to access your exam/quiz/test.

If you continue to find that your exam remains restricted, please double check that you have completed the declaration above.

    • If you see the option to continue the last attempt, you may not have completed the declaration. Click ‘Continue the last attempt’, make sure you select ‘yes’ to agree to the statements, then click ‘finish attempt’ then ‘submit all and finish’.
    • If you accidentally submitted the declaration without agreeing to the statements (or if you accidentally selected ‘no’), click ‘Re-attempt Quiz’, make sure you select ‘yes’ to agree to the statements, then click ‘finish attempt’ then ‘submit all and finish’.

If you encounter an error in the content of your exam/quiz/test questions, you should:

1.     Re-read the question carefully a few times.

2.     Make your best attempt at an answer.

3.     Take a screenshot or note which question contained the error.

4.     If the suspected error is such that you cannot attempt an answer, leave the question and continue with the rest of the exam.

5.     Once you have completed the exam, report the error using the Online Examinations Incident Report form

If you need to leave the exam for medical, compassionate or technical reasons, you will need to submit an Online Assessment Incident Report form.

If you require assistance logging into FLO, please contact University IT support on 8201 2345 (available 8am to 5:30pm weekdays).

If you run into technical difficulties during your exam/quiz/test, please first take a moment to record the incident or difficulty, and take any useful screenshots. If you choose to report the issue later, these details will be very useful.

The information tab 'Take your exam' has some helpful trouble-shooting tips if you encounter technical difficulties with your exam.

If you have attempted the self-help tips in the 'Take your exam' tab, and still require assistance, please contact the FLO Student Help Desk.  

For prompt assistance, please call us on 1300 354 633 (select option 3) telephone icon

QWill time to complete the academic integrity declaration be included in the exam/quiz/test time?

If you have a quiz exam, the quiz timer does not start until you start the exam quiz.

If you have an assignment exam, an additional 5 minutes has been added to the duration to allow for the time to accept the academic integrity declaration. There is also a 30 minutes submission period after the due time.

Q. How long do I have to wait after I accept the Academic Integrity declaration before I can start my exam/quiz/test.

The academic integrity declaration will be available at the start of the published exam/quiz/test time. Your exam will be available immediately after you accept the declaration.

Q. How do I know if I have been allowed extra time that I am entitled to?

For a quiz exam, the information just above the 'Attempt Now' button are your conditions and will reflect any additional time granted.

For an assignment exam, the submission status information will reflect your conditions and will reflect any additional time granted.

Q. I have just started the quiz and the timer says I only have 2:45 mins. This exam is supposed to be a 3 hr exam. Why is this?

Quizzes have a time limit which has been set as the exam duration.  Quizzes also have a close time. When you are taking a quiz, your answers will automatically submit once the time limit has been reached or the quiz close time has arrived, whichever comes first. 
For exams, quizzes will be open for 30 minutes more than the time limit.  If a 3 hour exam starts at 9am, the close time will be set as 12:30, so you can start at any time up until 9:30am without losing time. If you didn’t start until 9:45 am there would only be 2 hours 45 minutes until the quiz closes and your answers are automatically submitted.

Q. Do I need to save and submit my answers after every quiz question?

FLO will automatically save your answers, so you do not need to save after every question.  If you do click 'submit all and finish' (and confirm), this will complete your quiz attempt and you will not be able to answer any more questions.

Q. What happens if I haven’t submitted when my exam time runs out?

If your exam is a quiz, when the time runs out, your quiz will be automatically submitted. All answers that you have completed at that time will be saved and submitted. If you have a question in progress it will be submitted as it stands when the time limit expires.

Clicking 'submit all and finish' will finalise and submit your quiz.  Do not click 'submit all and finish' until you are ready, as you will not be able to return to the quiz after clicking it.

'return to attempt' and 'submit all and finish' buttons

if your exam is an assignment, when the due time is reached, you will have 30 mins to upload and finalise your submission. Your submission will be time-stamped. Once the 30 min submission period has passed, you will not be able to upload your submission.

If your exam is in kCloud: When time is up, the quiz stops and the work done up to that time is saved. Please note that there is no reminder built into kCloud.

If your exam is in Wiley+: When the time runs out, your quiz will be automatically submitted. All answers that you have completed at that time will be saved and submitted. However, it is recommended to save as you go and manually submit before the due time. Please note that there is no reminder built into Wiley+. 

If your exam is in Mobius: Mobius will periodically auto save what has been entered. The last auto save is what will be submitted if no submission has been made before the cut-off time. Please note that there is no reminder built into Mobius.

Q. Why can’t I see an exam/quiz/test timer?

If your exam is a quiz, the exam timer is part of the quiz navigation block which will be in the top right corner of your page. If you cannot see this, you will have blocks hidden. Look for “Show blocks” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

If your exam is an assignment, there is no FLO countdown timer. Instead, we suggest that you set your own timer or ensure you have a clock in clear view.  At any time, you can check exactly how much time is left by clicking the exam assignment link in FLO and reviewing the submission status information.

Q. My quiz navigation is not showing. How do I find it?

If you cannot see the quiz navigation, you have the blocks column hidden. To make the navigation visible click on “Show blocks” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Q. Some parts of my question are obscured by the quiz navigation block and I can’t enter my answer. What do I do?

Check to see if your browser is zoomed in. If it is, zoom out to normal view.
Tip: The keystroke ctrl+0 (ctrl+zero) returns your browser to normal size. For mac users, cmd+0 is equivalent.

Q. Is there a way I can flag a question so that I know to come back to it if I have time?

In a FLO quiz, there is the ability to flag questions. In the question info box to the left of your question is a flag icon. Click on this icon to flag the question.

The flagged question will also be marked with a red corner in the quiz navigation and will also be flagged on the summary page you see immediately before finalising your submission.

Q. Is there an undo button I can use when I am writing text based answers in the quiz?

Yes, there are undo and redo buttons in the editor. These buttons have recently been moved to make them easier to find.

Q. The text editor for answering in a quiz doesn’t have many formatting options. Are there more options possible?

Yes. The left most button on the editor expands a second row of formatting options.

Note – common keystrokes also work. For example: ctrl+u  for underline, ctrl+b for bold etc.
(Mac users use cmd+u, cmd+b)

Q. I have a Mac laptop. What browsers can I use for my exam? 

You should not use Safari, as it doesn’t work well with FLO. Chrome or Firefox are supported browsers. Ensure you have installed one of these browsers on your computer before exam day:

Mozilla Firefox (Windows & Mac)

Google Chrome (Windows & Mac)

Q. My exam/quiz/test is an assignment. Where do I find the exam/quiz/test questions?

The exam questions have been added as a downloadable file in the exam assignment. Once you have completed the academic integrity declaration, the assignment link will be active. Click on the assignment and you will see links to  files below the description.

Q How do I get help during my exam/quiz/test if there is a problem with the exam/quiz/test?

If you require immediate technical support during your exam, please contact the FLO Student Helpdesk on 1800 354 633 (option 3). Phone support is available between 8:45am – 5pm, Monday – Friday during the exam periods, or you can submit an Online Assessment Incident Report.

Outside of these hours, you can still submit an Online Assessment Incident Report, however you will not receive immediate support.

Q. What happens when I submit an incident report? Who does it go to and will I get a response?

The Online Assessment Incident Report is sent to the college (which you specify on your form) as well as Examination Services. Examination Services will monitor all submitted reports that are received during the examination periods.

If you submit an Online Assessment Incident Report you will automatically receive a confirmation email to confirm your form has been submitted.

Urgent issues that prevent you from accessing/completing your examination will be dealt with immediately and contact will be made with you (during business hours). You may also like to contact the FLO Student Helpdesk on 1300 354 633 (option 3) to seek immediate assistance.


Non-urgent issues such as the following listed below, will be dealt with by your college. Depending on the incident, college staff may be in contact with you for further information or instructions.

·       Technical issues that didn’t severely impact on your ability to complete their exam 

·       Early departure reports 

·       Errors in the paper 


If you submit an Online Assessment Incident Report as soon as practical to the incident taking place, it can be used to support a future application for deferred assessment. If you wish to apply for a deferred examination, a Deferred Assessment Application Form must also be submitted within three (3) working days of the examination taking place along with supporting documentation.


If an incident report highlights an error in the exam, the report is forwarded to the Topic Coordinator.