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Your grades in FLO

Your Assessment Grades

  • Your assessment grades are made available in FLO once your teacher has released them.  To view your grades, click on the specific assessment activity (Assignment, Quiz, Forum, et), to see your grade and any feedback. 

    Assignment logoIf checking an Assignment for Feedback, please make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to ensure you have seen all feedback, particularly feedback files.

    Quiz iconFor more information on Quiz grades and feedback, click here.

  • You may also find your assessment grades in the grades section of your FLO topic, via the Navigation Menu.  Please note that what you see here may be a simplified view, and that additional feedback may be available by visiting the assessment activity directly (see above).

    The Navigation Menu with 'grades' option highlighted in yellow

The User Report will show you your assessment grades for a specific topic, while the Overview Report will show a list of all your topics and a grade.

The 'Overview report' and 'user report' tabs in FLO

Please note the following regarding the Overview Report

    • You will not necessarily see a grade for each topic listed, as only those topics with a visible 'topic total' will display a grade
    • Your grade in the Overview Report does not necessarily reflect your final grade, which you will instead find in the Student System (see below).
    • The Overview Report may list topics you have un-enrolled from, and it is unfortunately not possible to remove these.

Your final Topic Grades