FLO Student Support

The HTML (text) editor

Whenever you post to a discussion forum, create a wiki page and in many other situations, you will see the HTML Editor.

You can use the html editor to embed a youtube video, or to share a video uploaded to your My Media.

To see additional tools and features, click the show more buttons arrow.

the html editor collapsed and expanded

If you use the HTML editor for a prolonged period of time you may experience a time-out. If this occurs, log back into FLO and straight back to the content you were editing.  FLO will try to auto-recover your content.  If you fail to log back in or if you navigate away from the content it will not be recoverable.

It is recommended that you compose your content outside of the HTML editor - in a word document for instance.  You can then copy and paste your content into the HTML editor when you are ready to post or submit.

To learn how to structure your wiki, please see our 'adding pages and content' guide.