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  • Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for accessing FLO, and in particular, accessing quizzes.   
The use of Safari is not recommended.
  • Before you start a quiz, make sure you check how many attempts are allowed, and any time limit set.  
    In the example below, only one attempt is allowed, with a one hour time limit.  

Number of attempts allowed, quiz open and close times, time limit, attempt quiz now button

Note: If your quiz has a time limit, you will see a 'time left' timer counting down to the right of your screen.  Please note that the timer will continue to tick down even if you close the quiz.  You can't stop the clock by closing or exiting the quiz attempt.

  • When you are ready to start your quiz, click attempt quiz now.  attempt quiz now button

  • Navigate your way through the quiz by using the 'next' and 'previous' buttons, or by using the 'quiz navigation' panel. 
    Please do not use the 'back' or 'forward' buttons in your browser while completing a quiz.

Layout of a quiz including timer

Please note: your teacher may set your quiz to be 'sequential', meaning you must answer the questions in order without the option to go 'back'.  
Your teacher will normally let you know if this is the case, but you will also notice there is no 'back' button and that the quiz navigation shows the questions with the top half coloured light grey. quiz navigation panel showing questions with the top half shaded grey

  • The Quiz NavigatioPanel will count down the timer, letting you know how much time you have left.

  • Your answers will auto-save every minute and each time you move to a new page

  • When you are finished, click finish attempt, then submit all and finish.

finish attempt buttons       

Click 'submit all and finish' to finalise your quiz attempt

  • If you experience technical difficulty during a quiz, you may need to refresh your page or try an alternate browser.  Remember that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended browsers, and please avoid using Safari.

    Before you do so, its a good idea to take a screenshot of any answers on the current page, as they may not be saved.  If you encounter an error message, its a good idea to screenshot that too.

  • If you have a computer/browser/internet issue and you leave FLO, you can log back into FLO and you will be able to continue the last attempt provided the time limit or availability period hasn’t ended, in which case the quiz will have automatically submitted. 'continue the last attempt' button

    The quiz countdown timer will continue, so you should re-establish access as soon as possible. (Note, you can use a different browser or a different computer.)

  • The specific feedback settings your teacher chooses will determine the types of feedback available after you finish your quiz, and also when they become available to you.  
  • You might find that can review your quiz attempt or see your grade as soon as you finish the quiz, or these could become available to you later at your teacher's discretion.  

  • Please see the below example quiz summary screen, where the options to view 'marks', 'grade' and to 'review' are available.  
    A screenshot of a students quiz results summary showing the 'grade', 'marks' and 'review' options

  • Click 'review' to see detailed feedback.  The type of feedback available can vary, and will be chosen by your teacher

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