FLO Student Support

Download or pod/vodcast recordings

Video content made available for watching online via FLO may be available for download, subject to the settings chosen by your teacher.

As there are several different platforms for publishing video content to FLO, the method and availability of downloadable files can vary.

Download individual recordings 

Individual recordings can be downloaded as an .mp4 file by clicking the 'download' button in the top right of the recording window. 
Lecture recording button at the top right of the lecture recording window A kaltura video with download option in the top right corner

If a Collaborate recording has been set to allow downloads, you will see a download option when you click the elipses beside that recording.  Please note that downloads will only be available if your teacher has specifically enabled that functionality.

Click the elipses (the three dots) to learn if Downloading has been enabled

The file download location will depend on your browser and device set-up, and might sit at the top or bottom of your browser window.
If you can't see the file, check your downloads folder.

downloaded file locations in different browsers

Subscribing to Podcasts/Vodcasts

You can subscribe to Podcasts/Vodcasts within FLO. You will need to do this in each topic for which you wish to subscribe.
Note: this feature is only available for 'Lecture Recordings' proper.  Look for the yellow and white icona yellow and white lecture recording icon

1. Once inside a topic on FLO select any lecture recording to reach the lecture stream window.

2. Beneath the video window you will see the options "subscribe to" and "open in itunes". 

audio symbol
Note: Select a podcasting option if you just want the audio onlyaudio symbolSelect a vodcasting option if you want the video toovideo symbol

To subscribe directly via iTunes, click either "open in iTunes: Podcast" or "Open in iTunes: Vodcast".

Click 'podcast' or 'vodcast' then open in itunes

To subscribe using an alternate podcasting platform, select 'subscribe to: podcast' or 'subscribe to: vodcast'.  Copy the url from the address bar and paste it in to your chosen podcasting software's url subscription option.