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Watching Lecture Recordings in FLO

Topics taught at Flinders University that contain a lecture component are generally recorded for use by students. Your topic coordinator will advise you of arrangements for each individual topic. The recording is made available within 24 hours of the lecture concluding and can be accessed through FLO.

Before attempting to stream lectures it is important to ensure your computer has the latest version of Adobe Flash installed and that your internet connection speed is fast enough (1 Mb/sec minimun is recommended). If your internet connection is not fast enough to view the stream you can download a copy of the lecture recording for use in other media player software: see download or Pod / vodcast lectures.

1. Once you have logged into FLO, select the Topic for which you want to view a lecture. Each Topic will be organised into weekly modules.
You will notice links entitled ‘Lecture recording’. Although each week’s lecture will appear under each week’s separate module, the name of the link will always indicate the time of day, the date and the location where the recording was made. To access the recording click the link. 

lecture recordings in a weekly module view

2.A video window will appear in the middle of the screen. To view the lecture, simply click the play button and the lecture will begin streaming.
If you'd prefer to listen just to the audio you will find the audio module in the bottom left corner of the video window. If you have any problems 
contact the FLO Helpdesk.

an image showing the controls used to watch lecture recordings.  left to right: listen to audio only.  Play / pause.  Skip back.  Speed up / slow down.  Full screen.  Downbload.