FLO Student Support

The Assignment Extension Tool

There may come a time when difficult or unforeseen circumstances may prompt you to request extra time to submit a particular assignment. 

University policy regarding extensions can be found here (please refer to section 4).

Many, but not all, FLO topics use the Assignment Extension Tool in FLO to manage such requests - please check each topic individually to make sure you are following the correct extension request procedure.

Please see the steps below to request an extension via the Assignment Extension tool in FLO.

  1. If your Topic uses the Assignment Extension Tool in FLO, you will be able to locate it on your Topic homepage

    Assignment Extension tool icon

  2. Log in with your FAN and password (the same as your Okta login).
  3. Click 'Request Extension'

    Click 'request extension'

  4. Complete the online form and click 'submit request' to finalize.

    Note: Make sure you propose a new due date AND time.  The form needs both to submit successfully.
    You may need to upload supporting documentation, pay attention to any on-screen prompts.

  5. Check the status of your submission in the 'requests of current topic' tab.  Your request will initially have the status of 'pending' - this will update once your teacher has assessed and either approved or declined your request. 

    You will receive an email to your student email inbox once your request has been either approved or declined.

    Request submitted sucesfully

If you are granted an extension, but fail to make your submission by the new deadline, you may experience difficulty submitting.  In this instance, please contact your Topic Coordinator.

  • Use the recommended browsers
    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for FLO, and are the best option to complete assignment extension requests.

  • Requests of more than three days beyond submission date require supporting evidence to be uploaded

    If you are requesting an extension of more than three days beyond the original due date for unforeseen or exceptional circumstances, you must attach a supporting document to your request in one of the approved formats (pdf, jpg, png, or gif). Your request will not proceed without an attached document.

    the 'unforseen or exceptional circumstances' reason types menu.  Includes illness and others

    The 'supporting documentation' section of the extension request form.  Click 'choose file' to upload documentation

If you do not attach a document, the following message will appear. 

Red error message received when supporting documentation is required but not supplied.

Once you have attached your document, you will receive a pop-up screen that asks you to click OK to confirm your submission, or cancel to upload further documents.